Clifton Quilters are one of several Patchwork and Quilting Groups in the Bristol area. We took our name from one of the older areas of Bristol, England.

We held our first meeting on the 22nd January 1996.

We are a small, diverse group, with a maximum membership of 30, ranging from young mums to grandmas, all with a common interest in patchwork and quilting.

We meet on the fourth Monday of each month. We also have an afternoon group which meets the second Tuesday of the month.

The aims of our group are to teach / learn new skills, to provide inspiration through sharing and to help each other solve problems in the field of patchwork and quilting.

We have a varied programme which includes talks, demonstrations and workshops by both guest speakers but more usually by group members.

We enjoy group visits to places of Patchwork and Quilting interest and sewing in the garden, weather permitting, at member's houses.